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We have 415,569 downloads that show us that the Lord has big plans for Cathopic. Each download gives us a reason and an opportunity to glorify God, the head of our project.

Our short history

In the year 2015, Dimitri C. Sanz had an idea – create a Catholic stock photograph site so that he and others can utilize these high quality pictures in their designs.

After waiting two years, he finally carried out this idea. Taking advantage of his profession (designer and web developer) he started to develop a small platform to share Catholic images with free license. He worked during the day at his full-time job and enjoyed developing Cathopic at night. Everything was for the glory of God!

On January 9, 2017, after leaving the project in the hands of the Virgin Mary, Cathopic opened its doors to the world.

To the surprise of the founder, the website was published on dozens of media platforms around the world. This encouraged him to involve more young people who had the same desire to make the world know Jesus Christ.

Onces again, love is the answer

Today we are a team of five people who evangelize every day through Cathopic. We use our talents to serve others and to offer beautiful and inspiring pictures to the Catholic community. We know that only with God’s grace we are able to truly love.

Do you think you can contribute to our team? Go ahead. We are happy to hear about you and your work. Click here to write us.

Dimitri Conejo Sanz

Dimitri Conejo Sanz


Online evangelization lover. In every project I try to renew the image of our Mother Church through minimalist design and professional service.

María Paola Bertel

María Paola Bertel


Professional in Business, social researcher and Catholic missionary, called to serve for love. I love writing what God dictates to my heart. My model is Mary.


Maleny Medina


Comunicadora y Marketing Digital. El Señor me llama que a través de mis conocimientos y mi profesión le alabe, le de a conocer y me enamore cada día más de Él.


Paulina Santibañez


I am a marketing consultant by profession but an evangelizer by heart. In every project I undertake, there is a lot of creativity, but above all, love for I do.


María Paula Campisi


Graphic designer and Illustrator. I want to return God all that He has given me by putting my gifts to service. The saints are my inspiration.

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