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Frequently asked questions

To be able to publish any image in Cathopic it is mandatory to have an active account in our website to avoid programmed robot or spammer uploads.
You can register here.
Once your account is activated, you can upload all the photographs you want, as long as they meet Cathopic requirements.

We approve 24 images every day (minimum), therefore, it is possible that your image is in the review queue. As soon as our team determines if it is valid or not, you will receive a notification by e-mail. Please, be patient.

There are two levels.
The first level is done by Cathopic system when a user uploads an image. Basically the system scans the photograph to determine if it meets the minimum requirements like density, size, weight or number of megapixels.
The second level is our team, where we determine if your photograph can be published in Cathopic. This level is the slowest because it depends of the approval queue that exists at that moment. We usually delay a few days.
You can check the Cathopic approval rules in this guide produced by our team.

Yes, as long as the main motif is not a person. Otherwise, we recommend you to have an authorization from the person to avoid future headaches.

When it comes to an official media or public figure, our team assigns a visible check to that account. This practice is carried out to let our users know that it is not a false account but a verified one of the medium or person. You’ve seen this procedure before on other platforms like Instagram.

Each image has some metadata called EXIF DATA. These data are hidden and contain the basic information of a photograph such as: type of camera used, focal length, luminosity, etc.
Some cameras rotate the image at the time of taking the photograph and save the data of that rotation in the EXIF DATA. When the user tries to upload an image to Cathopic, the platform reads those data and adapts the preview according to the metadata. If your image appears rotated, you must reset the metadata. There are several online tools to do it, one of them is

Simply with no one, not even with other Catholic media. Cathopic does not sell your data or use it for profit. Both your username and your e-mail are used exclusively for internal project management.

Our website is totally independent of any media, company, investor or organization. This help us in carrying out our evangelizing task; counting only on the providence of the Lord and the intercession of the Mother. You can use our donation system to make a financial contribution to the project. These donations are intended to expand Cathopic: servers, programmers, designers, etc. Thus, we can develop some new ideas to announce the message of Christ to the whole world.

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