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rosary beadsvirginmaryvirgin of the rosarymarian advocationour lady of the rosarymarian devotionsanto domingo de guzmanholy
biblecrossholysan francisco de asisholypendantholinessholiness
youthyoung boysmissionevangelismholinessvocationpeople
holinesssaintssan juanangelsacred heart of jesusvirginmarygod fathersanta maria magdalena
lovepriestholinesspartnerfidelityholy marriageweddingmarriage
crossyoung boysfriendshipjoyholinessskycloudsmountain
crossjesussaintscelestial banquetholinesslast supper
bishopartstained glassholinesssacredagustinpatristicast augustine of hippo
saint john baptistthe baptistpreacherprophetholinessholy
churchsaint anthony of paduafranciscanchild jesusholyholinesscatholic church
skycloudsgodholinessto illuminateilluminationguidelight
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