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santa ceciliapatron of the musiciansmusicmusicianholinessholymusical instrumentfiddle
timetableseacustodymother39s lovemothermary mother of godlovechildren
christsanta maria gorettisorryholinessholymartyr
christcrossjesusjesus christgodblooddarknesslifetime
martyrcrownmusicartstained glassholinesssacredpalm
sentencechapelsanctuarymartyrmartyrsotrantodown on my kneescongregation
holinessholysan jose sanchez del rioboymartyrcristerosaint joseph
cloudsmartyrsantacemeterysantaritaritacasiasanta rita de casia
holy childrenholinessholysan fairsan pastormartyrcrypt
sailingaltardevotiontoysan tarsicio santidadholyyoung
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